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A Very Catty Christmas: Celebrating the Holidays with Cats

holidays with catsIf you are like most cat aficionados, the holidays have a way of making things a little more complex around your home. Just how long will it be before Pickles knocks over the Christmas tree, or sends an heirloom ornament crashing down the hall? But holidays with cats doesn’t have to be a recipe for disaster.

In fact, your team at West Park Animal Hospital has a few tricks up our sleeve to keep your pets and decor safe, as well as to create a very catty Christmas that is meowy in every way.

Holidays with Cats: Big Trouble or Festive Fun?

Cats and Christmas make for a quirky mix. While we love them for their immense curiosity, this same quality makes it hard to keep the baubles and lights from becoming kitty’s playthings. Some holiday items to keep away from your pet include:

  • If your cat is a climber, make sure to anchor your tree to the ceiling or adjoining wall for stability.
  • Breakable items can shatter and cut your pet, so choose non-breakables like plastic, wood, and other sturdy ornaments.
  • Prevent an accidental poisoning emergency by keeping all toxic foods, such as chocolate and desserts that contain Xylitol, as well as plants like lilies (highly toxic), holly, and mistletoe away from your pet.
  • One of the worst offenders for pet emergencies during the holiday is tinsel. Tinsel, along with curling ribbon, is easily ingested and can cause a serious digestive system obstruction that often requires surgery.

Greats Gifts for Your Whiskered Loved One

After attending to all of the risks that should be off of your pet’s list this season, let’s take a look at the good stuff! Creating a cat-friendly holiday is all about planning and a little creativity.

Cat tree – Even though your cat can’t climb the family’s Christmas tree, you can find a tree especially for them to enjoy (without lights). The CatHaven Cat Tree will provide all of the fun foliage your cat loves to climb, or this Christmas Tree Cat House for curling up for a cat nap!

Personalized stocking – Just in time for Santa, this pet stocking is purrfect for filling with catnip, catnip mice, treats, and grooming supplies for kitty.

New holiday-themed toys – Nothing spells Christmas like gifts! Treat your special friend who has been good all year to a Santa Hat Crinkle Bag or these Time for Joy holiday plush toys.

Picture with Santa – Some venues offer days where you can bring your pet in for a holiday picture with Santa. If your cat is comfortable in new places, this may be a great idea for holiday postcards. Of course, you can also dress up like Santa and have a friend take a few Instagram-worthy shots, too, all from the comfort of home.

Silent Night for Cozy Cats

Christmas and other holidays can be wonderful, but also stressful for our whiskered pals. If your cat suffers from stress or anxiety around crowds, noises, and new experiences, your best bet would be to keep them in a secure room. But it doesn’t have to be boring! You can provide all of the treats, gifts, and essentials of home for a warm, content, and stress-free Christmas.

And, at the end of the busy day, you can relax with some kitty snuggles!

If you’d like additional ways to make holidays with cats safe and merry, please call the West Park team.

Happy Catty Holidays!

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