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Pocket Money: Summer Jobs for the Pet Loving Kid

Everyone remembers their first job…Whether it’s delivering newspapers, selling movie tickets, or landscaping, the first job is a meaningful opportunity to develop important life skills.

For kids that love animals, working with – or around – them is the ultimate experience. In addition to being rewarding, eye-opening, and educational, jobs for the pet loving kid can provide a great deal of fun, too!

Handling Responsibility

Depending on the age of the pet loving kid in question, he or she may be able to perform a variety of tasks that support the health and wellbeing of animals. Our veterinarians and staff suggest the following ideas to help foster the responsibilities of your budding worker:

  • Dog Walker – Of all the jobs for the pet loving kid, dog walker is probably the easiest and most satisfying. He or she could begin with just one dog from the neighborhood and graduate to several over time. Not only good exercise for the dog, getting outside will positively impact your son or daughter’s summer activity levels. Getting paid for this service with a decent wage is great, but the real rewards are the happy tail wags!
  • Groomer – For an entrepreneurial kid, setting up a dog wash or cat brushing station could be a wonderful solution. Likewise, learning professional grooming can provide future opportunities. There’s nothing better than learning about individual breeds, and this up close and personal job provides insight into different fur types, styles, animal behavior, and temperaments.
  • Pet Sitter – Many professionals in the world of pet care got started with an initial foray into pet sitting. A young pet sitter can provide meals, exercise, grooming, and affection to a young pet or an aging one while an owner is otherwise engaged, and clean up any messes.
  • Cleaner-Upper – Speaking of messes…While not the most glorious of all the jobs for the pet loving kid, it’s still a fabulous offer to pet owners looking for some help in the pooper-scooper department.

Other Jobs for the Pet Loving Kid

Looking for other ways to gain experience working with animals? Consider the value of volunteer work with any of these fine local organizations:

Beyond cleaning cages and exercising shelter animals, there are usually a variety of other tasks ranging from administrative to training or socializing. Also, fostering a shelter pet at your home could very well be one of the best jobs for the pet loving kid.

Time to Get Started!

Whether you support money-making endeavors or straight-up volunteer gigs, there are plenty of jobs for the pet loving kid. We hope you’ll  let us know if we can help you at West Park Animal Hospital. Good luck building the resume of the future pet care professional!

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