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Flummoxed? Reasons Cats Love Boxes

Every individual is unique with specific triggers that ease stress and increase comfort. Whether it’s a well-worn sweater, freshly churned ice cream, or a walk through a peaceful meadow, we all have soothing items or ideas that bring us to our happy place.

In this way, your fluffy, finicky, and slightly persnickety feline is much the same. What do we mean by this? Boxes, of course! Just when you thought your cat couldn’t get more interesting, let us explore the possible reasons cats love boxes.

Oh, So Warm

While you may not get the urge to squeeze into that box that recently arrived from Amazon, your kitten or aging cat may feel an almost irresistible need. Part of this could be that cardboard (especially when corrugated) is surprisingly insulating. Why would your fur-covered cat require a bit of extra warmth?

Because your cat’s thermoneutral zone ranges from 86 to 97 degrees, he or she may seek a bit of heat in an environment that humans deem “just right.” So, the next time you see your cat curled up in a box that’s obviously too small, it’s because it feels absolutely purr-fect to him or her.

The Feels

Beyond simple temperature boosters, cats love boxes due to their intrinsically seclusive nature. Boxes are wonderful hiding spots, and they allow cats to observe activity without being exposed. In addition, cats may find hopping in and out of boxes rip-roaring fun. Aside from those of us who fall victim to feline surprise attacks, who could blame cats for having a bit of fun?

Like Enya

Have you ever noticed your cat shy away from conflict and loud noise? Providing a place of refuge for him or her offers a type of stress relief akin to soothing music. Life can be noisy, unpredictable, and seemingly unsafe, making cardboard boxes even more attractive to cats.

One interesting study found that domestic cats in animal shelters adjust to their new environment more quickly than those without cardboard boxes for shelter and comfort. In turn, these cats were more interested in humans, possibly increasing their likelihood of adoption.

Cats Love Boxes (And So Do We!)

Because of their “discerning” taste, cats don’t always have an interest in the toys or objects provided by their loving owners. When you find something your feline latches onto immediately, (like a simple box) it’s best to supply them in slow, steady rotation.

If you have any questions (or anecdotal evidence) about why cats love boxes, we’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, pick up some recycled boxes and introduce your cat to a whole new world of comfort, warmth, and fun. Enjoy!

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